Living NFTs

Kyūsen - The Academy Project, is a collection of unique NFTs designed and developed to lead the research on digitally simulated beings.

You now have the opportunity to participate in the inaugural 「Grand Research」 of not just holding, but managing, observing and caring for these virtual humans.

Maidens Assemble!

"The best and the brightest from around the world shall live in the Academy City. They will be part of Kyūsen - a joint project from different countries after the last great war."

Kyūsen is a collection of ERC721 Optimized Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain

The Kyūsen The Kyusen Team is currently building The Academy City, a simulation app where each Kyūsen maiden will live and interact.

Academy City App

01 Gallery Tool

The Academy City App will serve as an NFT Gallery where holders can share their owned tokens on their social media.

02 NFTs Brought to Life

Holders will have control over the daily activities of their maidens. There will be decision-based concepts that will help shape and define the lives and personalities of each maiden. The Academy City will be an ecosystem where each NFT will be able to interact with each other in many ways, some of which are forming bonds, cliques, and conversations that can be possible through the app.


Academy City

The Academy City AppAlpha is the centerpiece of Kyūsen.

This app will simulate all active maidens' daily activities including schoolwork, part-time jobs, recreational activities, and interactions with other maidens. The public will be able to access the app and query a maiden to see what she is currently doing in real-time. Maiden holders will have special access to functions like sharing their maidens' present status on social media and making decisions on what their maidens should be doing according to their liking.

We are building the app with a sandbox approach in mind. Creating a project that will serve as a platform for showcasing various events. The good news is, Holders and non-holders will get a chance to participate! Forming a tight-knit community with a long-term vision at the forefront.

The app will have basic features upon launch, but as we get more support for the project, the team and community will work together to build this project.


01 Token Minting & Academy City AppAlpha

The genesis mint will initiate together with the launch of the Academy City AppAlpha where holders will be able to check their maiden's activities and whereabouts in real-time. Yes, the date of the mint and the launch of the Academy CityAlpha App will be the same day. We want to give the members of the community a bedrock of stability and we believe being able to use the alpha app immediately fulfills part of that commitment.

02 Academy City Story Events

To express the excitement we have for the launch; we have already created various story events that are planned to roll out on the Academy City App! After the genesis mint, we will do regularly scheduled in-app events to keep the community engaged, interested, and creatively stimulated. Is anybody interested in participating in officially naming Academy City?

03 Academy 2.0

Of course, the improvement of the App will be paramount to the goals and vision of the project. Better presentation, more features, additional activities and more complex simulations are on the checklist.

04 The Future

Of course that's not all, please have a look at our documentation's deliverables for more details on everything that we planning out. And as we deliver on our milestones, our vision expands. The ideas incubator serves as a cloud of ideas that we would like to include in the project in the future but have no definite path yet.









We'd love to have you as part of our Twitter and Discord community. There you will able to see news and updates regarding Kyūsen. The Discord server and our Twitter page are also where you will get opportunities o participate in the project itself. We have several avenues being rolled out so you will have plenty of options on how you want to contribute to the project.

Benefits of having a Kyūsen NFT

  • Access to Holders-only news and updates
  • Be able to participate in App events using your NFTs
  • Exclusive airdrops during events
  • Be automatically whitelisted when we roll out more collections in future expansions
  • Equity profit when we do monetization opportunities (more info coming soon)
  • If we get the chance to build an integrated metaverse, holders will be first in line for any deployments
  • Opportunity to be part of a project that is pioneering the research in digital living humans. NFTs that are not just meant to be traded, but NFTs that will eventually exist as virtual humans.

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